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First thing's first, your home needs a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to determine its exact value on the market. This takes into account the square footage, style, and location of your home, as well as the recently sold homes nearby. Through the conduction of a CMA, a proper price can be determined when deciding how to price your home. 

In addition, we have over twenty years of experience in working with residential properties, from hanging the drywall to putting up SOLD signs. Our expertise, along side a professionally conducted CMA, will allow for a thorough plan to be conducted in order to make any repairs or innovations for your soon to be sold home. 



Alongside our team of professional licensed contractors, we offer countless services from roofing, painting, framing, landscaping, etc. Service is handled in a timely manner in a clean and professional fashion. Reliability is vital to anyone looking to make every dime possible on their soon to be sold home, which is why we've prided ourselves in delivering our expert services in a decisive and dependable manner. 

There is no job that is too big or too small. If you need a service that we cannot provide, we have a vast library of professional referrals that will gladly take up any request to your liking. We are determined as a team to breathe new life into your home and ensure that it is in prime condition to sell for top dollar on the market. 

                                                                                                           *Fully licensed and insured


​After your newly renovated home is in top shape for the market, we go straight to work to put your home on the market. Your listing will be placed online and advertised on over 350 websites, allowing for a significant amount of online exposure and bringing in a vast amount of buyers to the open houses we host in your home. 

We already have a large amount of contacts and potential buyers who would love to see your home. Our connections with other agents and our persistence to expose your home to the market allow us to ensure your satisfaction when selling your home. As a team committed to the successful sale of your home, we promise​ to provide:

  • Excellent Service and Support

  • A Winning Marketing Plan

  • Every effort to sell your home promptly

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