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About Us

Welcome to Flip-N-List, our small Connecticut based company oriented around a single goal: making you money. Thousands of home sellers across the nation simply give their homes up to the market at prices that could easily be increased with basic renovations and repairs. That's where we come in. Karlyn Cyr as your Realtor®,  Alongside our team of professional contractors, Cyr Elite Properties aim to bring out the true potential of your home to maximize its value and ultimately, your profit.

Not only do we want to make you money, but we also want to relieve you of the hassle of selling your home alone. Let us take care of the selling process. We have the resources to expose your home on over 350 websites, and will gladly host open house walk throughs to allow for further exposure. 


We are a proud company with a legacy of home improvement and residential renovations. With over twenty years of experience and our market expertise, we pledge to bring out the best in your home and put the most money possible in your pocket.  

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